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AtlasTeam4x4, on behalf UAZ-LADA GREECE, organizes for first time the “UAZ-LADA 4x4 INTERNATIONAL MEETING” which will take place from 19th until 22nd of September 2013 in the Northern part of Greece.

Main objective of this event is Distributors, Owners and Fun Clubs of the legendaries Russians manufacturers to meet and know each other. More of it, to find the opportunity to inform and be informed about all relevant updates regarding UAZ and LADA 4x4 vehicles, coordinate actions towards manufacturers, establish a permanent international forum and to explore mountains and beaches by making a magnificent Tour, in various places of Greece, taking advantage the exceptional skills of the Russian vehicles.

AtlasTeam4x4 invites Distributors, Fun Clubs and Owners of UAZ and LADA4x4 from all over Europe. Some of the countries that intend to participate are Russia, Greece, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, FYROM, Turkey, etc.

This Tour must be considered of low – medium Off Road difficulty. AtlasTeam4x4 will ensure that no damages to vehicles will occur due to hard off-road driving. Of course there will be special places for participants who want to demonstrate their off-road abilities and “play” in sand and rivers.

More details :!downloads

Event in FaceBoook:


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